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Online CV - an early and somewhat clumsy attempt at and online CV now somewhat out of date.
Photos - Photos from a variety of events over the last few years
Hotmail - If you've found your way as far as a webpage you don't need me to explain what hotmail is!
Google - err... a search looks for stuff!
The IMDb - Movies, movies, movies! Developed in Cardiff Uni so I'm told.
Elated - free web design resources
Font Face - Fonts, fonts and more fonts.
RAWSoc - The discussion forum's of Cardiff univeristy Roleplaying and wargamming society.
Barclays Bank - Woo hoo!
UGC Cardiff - Find out whats on at my local cinema, pointless. Unless you live round here.
Eclipse calculator - helpful if you're looking to calculate any eclipses.
Periodic Table - its interactive!
Cardiff University - so good I went there twice!
Computer Science - Those good people currently tasked with educating me!
Horde - COMSC departmental email system
Sun's Java Site - everything you might care to know about Java
Java Course - Online details of the Java course.
DSA - Data Structure and Algorithms.
Machine Vision - free web-book courtesy of Bruce Batchelor
HTML Tags - nice compact list of HTML tags and their useage.
JavaScript Guide - does exactly what it says on the tin!